7 Common Issues of Kitchen Sink Leakage 2022

The kitchen sink is a very important appliance for every household because without it we would not be able to complete our kitchen. The sink is such a thing that makes our kitchen more attractive and beautiful.

It is most usable area in the home because we use it to wash dishes, cups, and many other kitchen items. We also use it to fetch the cup of water, to fill the coffee carafe, and many other practical uses. So it is a frustrating experience to see water leakage in your kitchen sink.

The sinks are created with different types of materials, like most of them are created with steel or plastic. But many other materials are used in the manufacturing of the sink, like stone and marble, but these are very expensive materials and these sinks are mostly high in cost. It can experience Common Issues of Kitchen Sink Leakage due to multiple reasons including water drainage problems. Don’t worry, here we provided complete guide on kitchen sink leakage and how can you fix it.

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Why is my Sink Leaking?

When your kitchen sink gets leakage, always find the cause of the leakage. You will probably try to close the leakage without any short or long-lived fix.

Some leaks are easier to repair but for big leakage, you need to hire a plumber. You can also check the leakage type before hiring any professional plumber because it helps you understand the cause of the leakage.

The sink leakage is one of the major problems with sinks, it can happen with any type of sink, like any kind of material used in kitchen sinks.

There are many reasons and causes of the sink leakage that we describe here briefly. The reasons can be different and depend on the material which is used in the kitchen sink manufacturing. In this section, we will discuss some reasons why sink leakage happens.

Common Reasons for Sink Leakage

Besides leaking sink pipe, some common reasons are given below!

Watch this complete video for detailed information on kitchen sink leak issues and hot to fix:

#1: Drain Leakage

The drain can be the cause of your sink leakage, this type of leakage happens with plumber putty to prevent further leakage. This is usually small leakage and dries out in a short time, you should change the drain to prevent this leakage. This type of leakage comes from the old and worn-out drain beyond the repair.

#2: Faucet Leak

This type of leakage is caused by the failed washers and worn-out gaskets. So you should need to replace them. Sometimes a big leakage forces you to change the entire faucet which is not any difficult process. This leakage can be easy to spot, the one common indicator is if the water puddles at the top of the sink when we turn on the faucet.

#3: Loose Water Supply Connection

If the leakage is underneath the sink, it is because of the water supply of your sink side. Generally, the sink is connected with two different pipes sometimes with three for the separate spray. Each pipe poses the threat of springing up a leaky sink and causing problems.

A water line pipe can be leaked due to corrosion or a failed gasket in the connector. You can also handle this problem by changing the gasket and sometimes tightening the connection should also work.

#4: Clogged P-Trap

This term is used to define the curved section of the pipe, it is usually fixed under the sink and its main purpose is to prevent the foul smells from seeping through the drains.

This issue happens when small pieces of food, dirt, and stuck in the pipe and water supply stopped. Due to this reason, the sink leakage problem can happen.

#5: Damaged O-Ring

There is a stem screw that holds the faucet handle and it features a small disc that is affixed which is known as O-ring. This is the most common problem that we face in our kitchen sink leakage.

This is because of regular use of the O-ring it can lose the O-ring. It causes the faucet to leak near the handle. If your O-ring is very old then you should replace it to prevent further leakage.

#6: Worn-Out Washers

A worn-out washer is the most common leakage reason in our kitchen sink. Whenever we use the faucet then it causes the washer to press against the valve seat.

Due to the constant friction out in the washers wearing out and you spot out the leakage near these washers. You can solve this issue simply just by replacing the washers.

#7: Corroded Valve Seat

The valve seat is a way to connect between the spout and the faucet for the compression mechanism. The accumulation of the water at the valve seat can be the reason for corrosion which causes leakage around the spot.

We can solve this problem by cleaning regularly from a professional plumber is highly advised.

Final Verdict

Hence, above are some common issues of kitchen sink leakage and almost everyone is facing it. There are multiple reasons for sink leakage. To fix the problem, firstly you need to know the reason. Water leaking from the sink is an irritating process, which is needed to solve. Especially leak under the kitchen sink is not good and cause a bad impression at your home.

In the next post, we will be providing all solutions that can help you to prevent kitchen sink pipes from leaking. In case you get a problem with the granite kitchen sink and want to solve it, you can go to the following link. For more information we are here for you 24/7, hit the contact button for any type of assistance.

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