Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Dimensions: Ideal Height and Depth

It’s not easy to install an outdoor kitchen counter as there are multiple factors necessary to keep in mind. These include the material used for the counter and the size and weight. Moreover, you also need to check whether you can handle an outdoor kitchen counter at a specific place.

In this post, we provided complete detail on outdoor kitchen counter dimensions and the factors you should consider while installing them.

If we talk about the average height of the outdoor kitchen sink counter, it’s 36 inches. But remember that this length is not fixed and can be less or more depending on your needs. The average range is between 30 inches to 42 inches. Some of the countertops also have a height of 38 inches. It is an average height for all the people, and still, most people ask, what if the countertops don’t match their size? The matter becomes more complex, specifically for women with extra small or large heights. Don’t worry; in this post, we provided a detailed note on selecting the outdoor countertop to make your kitchen beautiful and easy to use.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop dimensions

Does Countertop Height Depend upon the Human Height?

Yes, countertop height depends upon the human size, and one should select the peak which is easy to use. The information given below is based on our experiment and the human height.

Person HeightCountertop Height
4′6″ – 5′2″30 – 33″
5′8″ – 6′1″36 – 39″
6′1″ – 6′6″39 – 42″


A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that the average age-adjusted height of American men aged 20 years and older is 5’9″ when adjusted for height. It is estimated that women are 5’4″ tall on average. In this regard, 36″ seems to be the perfect height for a countertop when it comes to size. However, this is only applicable to individuals of average height.

How to Measure a Person’s Height with the Height of a Countertop?

Here are the steps and tips about how to measure the height of a person based on which you can select a countertop to install in the outdoor kitchen place:

If the person who is going to use the kitchen sink is an adult, then select the average-height countertop to install

The person’s height should be measured from the elbow to the downward ground. Most people measure the person’s size from head to toe which is not a professional and reasonable way.

Note: Watch this detailed video for more information on outdoor kitchen countertop dimensions

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Edge of the Countertops

The height of the overall countertops also depends upon the size of the edges of the countertops from all sides. Read this section to learn how to measure the height of the countertop from the sides. Following are some edges types and how you can count them for ideal kitchen countertop installation:

Ogee Edge

It is all about the flowing designs of the arches. It should be double-tracked edges with two layers of granite.

Half Bullnose Edge

A half bullnose edge is rounded from all sides thoroughly. It looks like a stone’s cross-section because it’s prepared and shaped once you install it.

Ogee and Bullnose Combined

In this type of edge, a person selects the two pieces of the countertops. One is lower, and one is upper in height. Both of these edges are made up of granite.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Depth

How deep should an outdoor kitchen counter be is a frequently asked question. Selecting the outdoor countertop kitchen is not only a matter of height, but one should also consider the depth of the countertop. The depth of the countertop for the outdoor kitchen depends upon your purpose. For example, some people use it for cooking, and some want to cut vegetables on a vegetable board.

The depth of the countertop also depends upon the shape of the kitchen sink. The selection of countertop it’s easy for everyone to select its depth. Mostly L shape and U shape countertops are standard all around the world. The reason is that these are easy to clean and offer enough height for your kitchen tasks, including keeping the vegetable cutting board and the unnecessary utensils while cooking here.

On average, the height of a kitchen countertop should be 30 inches, as it can fit the grills inside it. A bar countertop should have an average size of about 12 inches, and a table countertop should have an average height of about 38 inches.

Here are some single bowl kitchen sinks which you can use for the outdoor places!

Width of an Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

Selecting the width of an outdoor kitchen countertop is another debate among kitchen sink designers and homeowners who want to install it at an outdoor place. A kitchen sink countertop should be 10 inches wide; a grill should be around 24 inches from one side and 12 inches from the other. Similarly, the width increases if you want to keep other items on the countertop based on the item’s dimensions. The width increases by many bounds for a more luxurious countertop based on your need and interest.

What Is The Average Size For An Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are available in different sizes. The professionals and designers have categorized the outdoor kitchen countertop into three dimensions. These include the small, medium, and large. The overall length of a kitchen sinks on the place, your family size, your budget, and the usage time. Moreover, consider whether you want to keep the additional items on the kitchen sink. The following table can guide you about the size and the things capacity for an outdoor kitchen countertop:

SizeLengthItem IncludesCountertop Length
Small10′grill, cooktop, sink, storage36
Medium16′grill, cooktop, sink, storage, refrigerato48
Large20’+grill, cooktop, sink, storage, refrigerator +156

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Height

Height of an outdoor kitchen bar is also significant to consider for improved countertop results. The average height of the kitchen bar for the outdoor countertop is around 40 inches. It is not the final height, but it ranges from 40 to 42 inches.

This height is also related to the height of the tools you will keep on the kitchen countertop. It is also associated with the height of the bar tools. The average size of the bar stools is around 28 to 30 inches depending upon the bar height of 40 to 42 inches. Also, the distance between the bar and the bar stool should be about 15 inches for better kitchen countertop performance.

Wrapping Up- the Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Dimensions

Now it’s up to you about the dimension of the outdoor kitchen countertop. Always consider your budget and need as the main priority. As we mentioned above, the average size of an outdoor kitchen sink is 32 inches to 38 inches. However, it always depends upon your need and the area. Keep reading our latest blogs for more information on kitchen sinks and countertop installation tips.

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