How to Fix a Cracked Granite Sink – Ultimate Guide with Steps

The granite sinks are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom; they can make your home more attractive. They are very durable compared to stainless steel and or porcelain sinks. These sinks have many benefits but also have some downfalls like these sinks are very expensive compared to any other sink.

Another problem is that they can crack due to some reasons. The first main reason is that if we drop any heavy or sharp thing with force, it can crack very quickly. But it would help if you no worried because there is no need to buy a new granite sink. After all, you can repair it.

These sinks are created too much time because of their high cost and premium quality. it does not mean that they cannot break. The randomly asked question which people ask is that can cracked granite sink prepared?

The answer is yes. This process is tricky but not complicated; you can repair the sink at your home. We will discuss the easy method to repair your sink in your home without facing any difficulty. The following tips are about granite sink repair and granite countertop crack near the sink. It is similar to how to fix a broken sink.

If you’re thinking of replacing your sink, our buying guide on the best kitchen sinks should help you discover your options.

Steps to Fix the Cracked Granite Sink- Repairing Cracked Sinks

Cracked sinks are very irritated and hurt your visitors. Let’s now learn about how to fix cracked granite! It is a combination of the following steps:

1. Identify the Crack

First of all, you need to identify the granite crack you will have to repair; this will help you collect the proper repair requirements. It depends on the cause of the damage, like the sink can chip or crack. It is the first and essential step to fix granite crack.

2. Collect the Necessary Requirements

You cannot repair a granite sink without proper tools and equipment, so you should need some tools to repair the sink. Here is a list of the essential tools. Some people ask about repairing under-mount sinks in granite, but the process is similar for all types of sinks.

  • Buffing pads
  • Epoxy
  • A towel or piece of cloth
  • Sandpaper
  • Newspaper or painter’s tape
  • Scouring powder
  • Water
  • Scrubbing pad
  • Plastic spatula
  • Create a room to work

After getting all the necessary equipment, note the crack and select a room in any area where you can work efficiently. You cannot repair the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom because the crack is on the upper, lower, or in the sink side.

You also need to remove the sink from its fixed point so that you can work in your favorite place. Hence, it’s dead easy to do granite sink repair.

3. Thorough Clean the Sink

In this step, you have to clean the sink thoroughly to repair it properly; you need to remove all the dust and spots. You can wash your sink before it’s repaired because it can help you remove dust particles and hidden gems.

Repairing cracked granite is a similar term used for fixing a cracked granite sink.

How to Clean a Fixed Cracked Granite Sink

You can clean your sink using many detergents available in the market, but here we tell you the best methods to clean the sink. Mix some scouring powder in water and shake it for 2-3 minutes.

Then clean with this mixture, leave it so that it’s dry, and use any soft cloth to remove all the stains and dirt.

So, let’s learn how to clean granite sinks.

Step#1: Sink Preparation

After cleaning the sink, it is easy to identify the crack or the chipping; you can examine the crack size and nature. The cracks that are in small size are difficult to repair; on the other hand, the enormous size cracks are easy to fill and repair. The sink preparation is necessary to repair the sink to prevent it from getting spoiled by epoxy.

Take a piece of newspaper and cover the area around the crack, male sure that you have covered all the area around the crack to avoid the broken area. You can also use any tape to cover the area.

Step#2: Mix the Filler

First, you have to purchase the epoxy design for only the granite sink; you can find this thing at any sanitary store near you. Then follow the mixing guidance from your manufacturers or ask any experienced person.

Step#3: Apply the Epoxy

Now it’s time to apply the mixing epoxy into the broken or cracked area; you should use a plastic spatula for filling the crack. This process can be long and tedious, but its maximum takes only a few minutes.

If you don’t have any plastic, you can also use the tool from the sanitary store. The way to fill large cracks is different as compared to small cracks.

Scooping and firmly pressing the epoxy will help you fill the large crack fast and adequately.

Do not use too much epoxy in small cracks because you waste the epoxy material. Make sure that you have filled all the damaged areas correctly.

Step#4: Dry the Epoxy

After finishing applying the epoxy, leave for some time until the area should be dry; it takes 24 hours and maybe less than it because it depends on the nature of the epoxy. Remove the newspaper and painter’s tape from around the cracked area. You can also see the drying instruction from your manufacturer’s side.

Step#5: Smooth Epoxy Applied Area

When you apply the epoxy, it is in the form of a rough surface, so after the epoxy is dry, make the surface smooth and plane without using any sandpaper. Ensure the cracked area has the same surface level as the sink surface.

Step#6: Again Clean the Sink

After using the sandpaper, clean the whole sink using water and detergent or any cloth, take some water on the sink so that the sink becomes spotless. Now dry it thoroughly with a clean towel or any other cloth.

Step#7: Buff the Repaired Area

is the last step of cleaning the sink; after this, your sink looks as new as just what you buy from the shop. To make your sink more shining and attractive, you have to buff your sink; you can use any lapidary polish or any oxide shine for the optimal result.

If you cannot get these things, you can use any wet buffing pad to clean your sink so that you can fix it again in your kitchen or bathroom.

This video explains the complete process of fixing a cracked granite sink!

Final Verdict

As we know, granite sinks are durable and attractive, and expensive compared to any other sink. But one problem is that they can easily break due to unnecessary care. There is no need to worry. You can now repair the sink by using the method we have shared with you.

For more information on home and tech guides, keep reading our latest blogs.

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