7 Best Drop-in Kitchen Sinks for 2022 – Top Reviews

You can freshen up your kitchen from top to bottom with drop-in kitchen sinks, whether by remodeling or simply updating. These sinks, also called top mount sinks, attach from above the counter with a built-in deck that rests directly on the countertop, eliminating specialized mounting hardware or supports.

The best drop-in kitchen sinks are constructed with an extra-thick mounting deck 4mm thick (or different) for an extra durable design that will not warp or bow over time as other best drop-in kitchen sinks.

Our Top Picks!

A drop-in sink deck can be installed with almost any countertop material and provides extra versatility if your countertop cutout is too large.

It is unlike under-mount and farmhouse sink styles. The ability to reuse existing countertops and the choice of countertop material make remodeling a kitchen more budget-friendly.

You can easily install these sinks with the essential tools in your home. They increase the value, functionality, and look of your kitchen. The following are a few of our favorites for kitchen renovation.

Our Recommendations for Best Drop-in Kitchen Sinks

AwardDesignTankless Water HeaterRetailer
Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Check Price
Best Drop-in Kitchen Sink
Best PickZUHNE 16G Drop-In Offset Drain
Check Price
Best Kitchen Sink for Quality
Budget PickRuvati 33 x 22-inch Workstation
Check Price
Best Black Onyx Sink Granite
Kraus Quartz, 33-Inch
Check Price
Best Undermount Kitchen Sink
BLANCO, Anthracite 441094
Check Price
Best Brand of Drop-In Stainless Kitchen Sink
Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink
Check Price
Best 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
RVH8009 Ruvati 30 x 22-inch
Check Price
Top Rated Granite Kitchen Sink
Staff PickKraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza
Check Price
Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Basin
Lordear 32 Inch Black
Check Price
Best Kitchen Sink with 1 Predrilled Faucet Hole
Transolid RTDO3322-06
Check Price


KRAUS KWU112-33 – Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Be prepared to have your mind blown if you have never encountered workstation sinks before! Integrated ledges provide support for sliding accessories to streamline kitchen workflow and enhance the functionality of the Kore workstation series.

Important Features

Easy to Clean

Sinks with this style allow you to handle every aspect of cooking directly from food prep to clean up. It saves space on your counters by eliminating the need for double sinks.

The Kraus KWT310-33 is a best-selling sink model that perfectly fits 36-inch base cabinets and includes a bamboo cutting board and roll-up dish drying rack to chop, slice, rinse, and dry in one convenient location.

Extra Accessories

The following accessories are also available:

  • Colanders.
  • Serving boards and much more.
  • Allowing you to match your Sink to the way you use your kitchen.

It is quickly becoming a DIY favorite among those who want to make their sinks even more functional.

Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

They are made of heavy-duty stainless steel coated with non-slip 100% food-safe silicone – perfect for rinsing produce, drying dishes, and protecting countertops from hot items.

16 Gauge Stainless Steel

This 16 gauge stainless steel sink is highly resistant to corrosion and dents. – RUST-RESISTANT FINISH keeps surfaces clean and does not dull under everyday use – STAINLESS STEEL BOTTOM GRID keeps dishes elevated for optimal drainage.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient working
  • Extra accessories


  • Costly

ZUHNE 16G Drop-In Offset Drain

Best Pick
ZUHNE 16G Drop-In Offset Drain – Best Drop-in Kitchen Sink

Its 16 gauge stainless steel construction makes the Zuhne Verona kitchen sink incredibly durable. In addition to offering superior heat, stain, and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is also corrosion-resistant. Thanks to stainless steel’s timeless appearance, its clean, minimal design will go well with any design theme.

Important Features


The sink workstation has a modern design, including a drying rack, scratch guard grid, sink brushes, on-the-sink colander, and a drain strainer lid.

Offset Drain

Offset drain does not block cabinet center; space for large items or pull-out garbage can; sink base slopes nearly an inch towards drain for fast draining and drying; included grate levels decline base, so nothing tips over.

Noise Free

A higher level of performance Cancel noise and vibration due to everyday use; 2.5x better insulating agent; Drain the boiling water and flush ice without damaging cabinets; Sturdy and long-lasting daily use sinks; Self-cleaning curved corners; Practically maintenance-free.

One Year Warranty

A one-year warranty keeps the sink sparkling and hygienic forever; Rust and corrosion-proof, dent and scratch-resistant; Same brushed finish as premium kitchen appliances; Rust and corrosion-proof, dent and scratch-resistant; 18-10 stainless steel 16 gauge; Lifetime warranty; Certified to the US, Canada codes; Waste disposal compatibility; 24/7 customer support from the US call center; A+ Better Business Bureau rating; Inc. 5000 fastest growing company; Highest independent ratings.


  • One year warranty
  • Do not create noise
  • Efficient working


  • Not good for newbies

Ruvati 33 x 22-inch Workstation

Budget Pick
Ruvati 33 x 22-inch Workstation- Best Kitchen Sink for Quality

Ruvati RVH8003 is the best drop-in kitchen sink and offers a unique “workstation” design with integrated ledges on the front and rear. Besides supporting the cutting board and colander included with the set, these ledges can also serve as a drying rack.

RVH8003 best stainless drop-in kitchen sinks are top mount stainless steel sinks that are easy to install. It has a central hole for a sprayer/faucet combination and an offset hole for a soap dispenser.

Important Features

Extra Accessories

I think it’s a unique idea that will be particularly helpful to homeowners with limited counter space. Even though the included accessories may seem gimmicky, many customers have commented on how high-quality and effective they are.

Premium Steel Body

The overhanging lips on the front and back of the sink function as a track for sliding the accessories built into the SinkSink. It is made of 16 GAUGE Premium T304 Grade Stainless Steel (18/10 Chromium/Nickel), never rust or stain.

Brush Usage

This brushed finish is made of commercial-grade material, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Unlike satin finishes, our brushed finishes hide scratches and match well with your kitchen appliances.

Nose Free

Noise Defend padding and heavy-duty Sound Guard undercoating minimize noise and reduce condensation.

Idea Radius

With Ruvati’s edges 10mm Tight Radius, the inside corners feature a slightly curved appearance that makes cleaning more accessible while retaining the resolutely modern look of the enclosure.


  • Ideal to use
  • Efficient in working
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price


  • No cons at all

Kraus Quartz, 33-Inch

Kraus Quartz, 33-Inch- Best Black Onyx Sink Granite

Granite’s best composite drop-in kitchen sink from Kraus combines modern function with stone’s natural beauty. 80% of Quarza granite composite material is granite sand; 20% is a high-strength binder.

As a result, the material is odorless, stain-resistant, long-lasting, and attractive. Kraus granite sinks with dual mounts give your kitchen an instant style upgrade.

These modern kitchen sinks are made with 80% natural granite and have the look and feel of real stone. Clean lines and thoughtful design details emphasize granite’s organic elegance, creating an eye-catching and modern look.

Also read: How to Fix Granite Cracked Sinks

Important Features

Drain Set In The Rear

The SinkSink has more workspace, and the cabinet below has more storage space. All garbage disposal adapters are compatible with this adapter.

Absorbs Sound

When the SinkSink is in use, the thick stone-like material absorbs vibrations and minimizes noise. During operation, it does not make any sound.

Heat-Resistant and Naturally Hygienic

Non-porous composite material is naturally hygienic and prevents food and liquid from sticking to the sink surface. The engineered stone surface can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and handle your hot pots and pans.

Cleans Easily

This low-maintenance surface easily wipes clean and is highly resistant to dirt and grime. Withstands coffee, wine, and grease.


  • Noise and heat resistant
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Offset drain


  • No warranty time

BLANCO, Anthracite 441094

BLANCO, Anthracite 441094 – Best Undermount Kitchen Sink

Silgranit is the material used in Blanco’s Diamond Super Single bowl granite drop-in sink. Granite composite material is quiet, stylish, and easy to maintain.

There are various designer colors available for Silgranit, so you’re sure to find one that fits your kitchen’s theme.

With a generous 10″ depth, you’ll always have space for large pots, pans, and baking sheets in this best drop-in kitchen sink.

Important Features

Blanco Unit

BLANCO UNIT is a seamless, fully integrated kitchen water hub that makes life easier in the kitchen. This system consists of a faucet, SinkSink, and accessories designed to enhance your water experience.

Each BLANCO UNIT combines various premium products that help you prepare food, drink water, and clean, making everyday life a little easier in the kitchen. Preparation will be easier, cleaning will be more accessible, and entertaining will be effortless with stainless steel grids and elegant drain covers and strainers.

The unit can be installed as either a drop-in or under-mount for added convenience.

Temperature Resistant

High-temperature resistance, surpassing ordinary boiling and baking levels; withstands extreme temperature variations up to 536°F.

Hygiene And 100% Food Safe:

Its patented Hygienic+Plus formula protects against bacteria and dirt. A smooth surface that is non-porous and repellent, effectively removing dirt and residue while retaining the appearance and feel of natural stone.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable to buy
  • Easy installation


  • Create noise

Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink

Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink – Best Brand of Drop-In Stainless Kitchen Sink

A granite composite sink from Kraus, the KGD-442, has a flowing double basin design and a low divider in the middle. The KGD-442 is available in four fashionable colors: black, brown, gray, and white.

Granite composite sinks from the QuartzaTM Series offer exceptional performance with the look and feel of natural stone while lasting a lifetime.

Granite composite sinks from the quartz Series are made from 80% natural quartz to last a lifetime. The extra-tough material offers unparalleled resistance to scratches, stains, thermal shock, and impact from dropped objects.

Important Features

Ideal Dimensions

The outer sink dimension is 33″ long by 22″ broad by 10 5/8″ deep; the cabinet size must be 36″ under mount / 36″ top mount.

High-Quality Granite

A high-quality granite composite material made from 80% natural quartz and high-performance acrylic resin for exceptional durability and the look and feel of natural stone

Non-Fading Color

UV-stable material offers a rich hue that won’t fade or discolor over time. The deep double bowl sink features a large, 10″ basin with a 60/40 split, softly rounded corners, and a low center divider to accommodate your largest kitchenware.

Design Options

Install as an undermount for a seamless transition from SinkSink to the countertop, or drop into an existing countertop opening.

Heat Resistant

It can withstand high temperatures and extreme temperature changes. A non-porous surface is smooth to the touch, naturally hygienic, highly resistant to dirt and grime, and easy to clean.

Natural Sound-Absorber

Strong stone-like material helps minimize noise when sinks are used by taking up vibration and absorbing it.

Rear Set Drain

With the rear-set drain, you have more space in the SinkSink and more storage space below the SinkSink. It is compatible with all garbage disposal adapters.


  • Heat resistant
  • Natural sound absorber
  • Set drain


  • Continuous use may affect shining

RVH8009 Ruvati 30 x 22-inch

RVH8009 Ruvati 30 x 22-inch – Best 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Ruvati RVH8009 stainless steel sink features a sleek, contemporary design ideal for modern kitchens. This sink comprises thick 16 gauge steel that resists dents, dings, heat, and stains.

Hence, it is a perfect solution for a busy modern kitchen. Rubber pads and full-body undercoating eliminate the clangs and bangs that are common to cheaper stainless steel sinks. The set includes a stainless steel sink protector grid and drain stopper/strainer assembly with a decorative cover.

Important Features

Overmount Rim

1-inch wide by 1/4-inch high for a solid overmount look | 16 GAUGE stainless steel (18/10 Chromium/Nickel) – 37% thicker than most standard kitchen sinks.

They are finished in a commercial-grade bristle finish that is easy to clean and long-lasting. A brushed finish hides scratch better than a satin finish and complements your kitchen appliances.

Ruvati’s Unique 10mm Radius

Its inside corners offer a slightly curved corner for easy cleaning while at the same time retaining a distinctly modern look with heavy-duty sound guard undercoating and thick rubber padding to reduce noise and condensation.

Exterior Dimensions

30″ (wide) x 22″ (front-to-back) | Interior dimensions: 28″ (wide) x 18″ (front-to-back) x 10″ (bowl depth) | Standard 3.5″ drain openings will fit any garbage disposal unit | Comes pre-drilled with 2 how perfect Drain Grooves. A sloped bottom and drain grooves on the bottom of the direct sink water towards the drain, keeping your SinkSink dry and clean.

 A Brushed Finish for Commercial Applications

It is easy to clean and long-lasting. Ruvati’s faucets and soap dispensers’ brushed finish reduces scratches more effectively and matches well with other kitchen appliances. Krus KGD-54BLACK is a 33-inch black Forteza granite kitchen sink.


  • Shinny
  • Easy use
  • Ideal dimensions
  • Useful for commercial tasks as well


  • Costly

Kraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza

Staff Pick
Kraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza – Top Rated Granite Kitchen Sink

Cast iron sinks can’t be beaten for their elegance and durability. Kohler’s K-6625 Iron/Tones’ enameled cast iron features an unmistakable luster that will elevate the look of your entire kitchen.

Lastly, if you aren’t sure if you want this best drop-in kitchen sink or the mount Sink, you can always install both. Taking the extra weight of cast iron when installing, remember to take extra precautions.

Important Features

Silver Ions Ensure A Cleaner Sink

Low maintenance surface resists dirt and grime and is easily cleaned. Do not use abrasive cleaning methods on the Kraus product surface, including scouring pads, brushes, or steel wool.

Quiet Kitchen Sink

Designed to minimize vibration and noise when in use. It is designed in such a way that it does not create noise.

Non-Fading Color

UV protection for a bright, consistent hue that will not fade with time.

Dual Mount Design

It provides convenience and ease of installation by choosing under-mount or drop-in installation; 1 predrilled hole and four knock-out holes are marked for easy drilling; OFFSET DRAIN provides more sink space.

Rounded Corners

A deep, large sink with rounded corners provides more usable space and keeps splatters minimum. It features a 9-inch bowl with a capacity the size of an American kitchen sink.

Quality Granite

Forteza sinks are made with a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures even distribution of composite material for unparalleled impact and thermal shock resistance.


  • Dual mount design
  • Quality granite helps in working
  • Rounded corners


  • Not useful for newbies

Lordear 32 Inch Black

Lordear 32 Inch Black – Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Basin

Lordear’s kitchen sink has a 10-inch depth and a drop-in installation. Type 304 stainless steel and 16 gauge nano stainless steel are used in the panel, which has a thickness of 3.0mm. Matte black is another fantastic color choice for brushed nickel sinks.

Important Features

Nano PVD Technology

Nano PVD technology is used to create the outer layer of this sink that prevents oil and water from sticking. The material is corrosion-, wear-, and heat-resistant.

Even at 1,000 degrees Celsius, the color of the SinkSink did not fade. As it is a very durable sink, you can enjoy the performance with a beautiful color for a very long time. Matte black is more elegant than any other sink finish. If you plan to renovate your kitchen, this is a great option. High hardness has increased to 50% more than usual for this Sink.

Compared with traditional Nano PVD, this technology provides higher performance. The Sink is deep, making it easy to wash bigger pots without the water splashing everywhere.

16 Gauge Stainless Steel

Made from a 16 gauge thick T304 stainless steel panel, this 32-inch under-mount kitchen sink offers superior quality. Black matte stainless steel appliances are similar in color to the kitchen sink surface, which has a matte black finish with stainless steel parts.

Nano Brush Finish

Undermount kitchen sink has nano brush finish, non-oil stick, non-water stick. Easy to clean, anti-freezing heat, non-seepage water, 1000°C high temperature does not fade.

Single Shape

This kitchen single bowl sink comes with an X-shaped diversion water design, preventing standing water inside the bowl, fast drainage, and no blockage.

Extra Accessories

The kitchen sink size and accessories are 32*19*10 inches (minimum cabinet size is 35 inches); what’s in the box: 32 stainless steel single bowl kitchen sink, 304 stainless steel dish grid, drain assembly, drying rack, cutout template, and installation instructions.


  • Sinks are compatible with anti-freezing heat and non-seepage water.
  • Oil sticks and water stains cannot form, so cleaning is easy.
  • 16-gauge stainless steel is solid, so it has top-notch quality.
  • Sinks like this are big and deep and well-suited to wash more oversized utensils.
  • The food disposal is quiet and works well.
  • The coating underneath reduces the sound of dishes and makes it a calm sink.


  • When tough water hits the sink

Transolid RTDO3322-06

Transolid RTDO3322-06 – Best Kitchen Sink with 1 Predrilled Faucet Hole

With its elegant design, Transolid’s RTDO3322 Sink is unique. Granite is used in the construction of the pan. Quartz makes up 80% of the granite material, and acrylic resin makes up 20%. Drop-in installation is available with a beautiful rim finish.

Important Features

Bacteria Resistant

There is no possibility of chipping, scratching, denting, or staining on this best drop-in kitchen sink. In addition to being hygienic, the non-porous material used in this SinkSink prevents bacteria from growing. Swan sinks with this material have a 30% better impact resistance.

80% Quartz

80% quartz is blended with 20% acrylic resin to make granite. It is resistant to scratches, dents, chips, and impacts. Non-porous, stain-resistant material is hygienic, resistant to bacteria growth, and easy to clean—a heat-resistant material with a maximum temperature of 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rear Drain

The standard 3.5″ rear drain locations in each bowl require two basket filters (not included), which provide extra storage space under the cabinet.


  • Perfect for a unique kitchen design, the sink is durable and beautiful.
  • The color of this sink complements a marble countertop perfectly.
  • Granite offers a stain-free and scratch-free Sink that remains beautiful for years to come.
  • Despite its weight, the sink can handle heavy pots and pans.
  • Washing and drying can both be done simultaneously in the double bowl sink.


  • The sink doesn’t come with the basket strainers for the rear drains that this sink needs.

What to Look for in the Best Drop-in Kitchen Sink

Here are some factors necessary to look at when buying a kitchen sink.


Choosing the right sink size can be tricky because of several factors. It would help if you thought about the length, width, depth of the basin, the dimensions of the entire Sink, and the depth of the counter.

A sink should be at least 27 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 7 inches deep, although you can adjust those measurements if you have a small kitchen or a corner sink.


The most popular material for kitchen sinks in stainless steel is its durability, resistance to scratching and denting, and versatility. However, there are plenty of other options available for the best Drop-in Kitchen Sink.

Cast iron with a porcelain coating is becoming more popular for its traditional farmhouse look, but the enamel covering doesn’t hide wear and tear very well. All three are excellent choices, but copper will require more care to keep it looking good.

Granite, granite-topped with fireclay, and fireclay topped with copper are more modern options, and all three are excellent choices.


Although you might not realize it at first, sinks can be installed in several different ways. The most accessible Sink to install is the drop-in Sink (or top-mount Sink), as they are inserted into a hole in the countertop.

The under-mount sink is attached to the countertop below, creating a flat, seamless appearance that will appeal to those with more modern tastes.

The popularity of farmhouse sinks (or apron-front sinks) has grown dramatically over the past few years. Sinks are exposed on the fronts, replacing cabinets and making an unexpected statement.


Sinks with one basin and sinks with two basins offer different pros and cons, and both are worth considering. A single basin sink can accommodate a larger pot or pan, providing more workspace.

Sinks with two basins allow you to wash dishes more effectively. You can choose between equal-sized basins or one large and one small basin. Triple basin sinks are also available, but they’re best suited to extra-large kitchens.

The Advantages of Drop-In Sinks

Drop-in sinks offer advantages over other sink styles, most notably in the kitchen.


The cost of buying and installing them is generally lower than under-mount sinks. Even weekend warriors and DIY beginners should have no problem installing a primary overmount sink. An overmount sink with a do-it-yourself install is an excellent option if your kitchen’s price is an issue.


The ease of cleaning may not be your primary concern when choosing the Best Drop-in Kitchen Sink, but it should be considered. You will need to care for and maintain your SinkSink regularly. A sink with an overmount basin is easier to clean than one with an undermount basin.


A drop-in sink can protect your counter’s edges if you have soft countertops. With a drop-in sink basin, you are provided extra protection for marble and other specialty countertop finishes. Several successive exposures to water prevent water from building up on the edge of the stone. You can only install drop-in sinks if you have laminate countertops: the particleboard underneath the laminate surface is too weak to support an under mount sink but is appropriate for self-rimming basins.

Final Verdict- Best Under Mount Kitchen Sinks

In choosing a drop-in sink, consider your habits while cooking, cleaning, and performing regular household chores to select the sink configuration that is right for you. Best Drop-in Kitchen Sink can be found in single-basin or double-basin varieties.

Those with little counter space can use precious kitchen countertop real estate by installing a drop-in drainboard sink. For your new kitchen design, drop-in installation sinks are perfect. In the end, see our top picks recommended by our professionals and editors.

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