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The tankless water heaters are commonly used because of their excellent performance and high quality to offer pure hot water. You can set them in your kitchen and bathroom to get hot water for your daily usage.

There are many pros and cons of these heaters that qualify these heaters based on customers’ reviews and attention to use. These are more expensive than any other traditional heaters because of their better quality and performance.

The main problem with usage is the tankless water heater temperature setting which is an attention-grabbing point.

Many people don’t know about the temperature setting of these heaters. But for good performance, we should know the optimal temperature water heater temperature that we can set and get our desired water temperature.

In the morning, we usually want warm water to use. At this time, our body temperature is very average, and it is not good to use very cold or boiling water in any season. We set the normal water heater temperature.

It is a critical thing to adjust the heater’s temperature because when we buy it, its temperature is not according to our needs and wishes. We set it to our own need for water.

After a lot of research, we found some frequently asked questions by customers and traditional users. The most important of these are:

  • What temperature should a tankless water heater be set at?
  • What is an ideal temperature of a tankless water heater?
  • What temperature should I set my water heater to?

This article will discuss the tankless water heater temperature and conclude the average temperature setting for a water heater. Moreover, it will cover all of the above questions in direct and indirect ways.

Why is The Need to Set Tankless Water Heater Temperature?

As many people like scalding hot showers but mostly prefer lukewarm water, when we think about the water temperature, we say that it’s only hot water which matters, but there are many other things to be considered.

So there are many reasons that we should know because it is also a health consideration and the savings of energy and water.

We cannot neglect the importance of water, as half of the planet is unlucky that they do not get water for their daily routine life. So it is our duty how we use it.

Let’s now move towards the main topic, which is how you can set an optimal and ideal temperature using a tankless water heater according to your need and environment.

Best Temperature for Tankless Water Heater

Just right when you buy a tankless water heater, the user and the manufacturer have already adjusted it according to the recommended water heater temp which is 140 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.

It’s familiar and has a standard temperature which is best for your routine in a typical environment.

When you need to use it for your everyday house routine, there is no need to adjust it to very high or shallow limits. But you can lower it down from 120 degrees Fahrenheit without worrying about any difference. Adjust the temperature using the thermostat of the heater.

Many of you are thinking that why do I need to set it down while it’s already settled down at the optimal temperature? Well, here are some of your advantages:

  • It is helpful to save energy and bills; on average, it saves $400 every year to set an optimal temperature range
  • It will help to save your children and other people to protect from sudden accidents in case of hot water burns
  • Low temperature means to Turing the use of minerals inside the heater low, and the end goal is to save your heater from corrosion

So, lowering the thermostat 10-20 degrees lower provides an absolute advantage.

Note: You can either use a Gas Tankless Water Heater or an Electric Tankless Water Heater based on the energy and powers easily available.

Risks of Very Low or Very High Temperatures

After reviewing the customer’s suggestions and experience using a tankless water heater, some health risks may cause severe health issues. Some of the essential points about tankless water heater temperature range are given as follows:

Too High Temperature can Burn Your Skin, and You Get Scalded

Too low temperature enhances the risks of attacking pathogens and causes a disease called Legionnaires’ disease, which is very serious and leads to the death of a person. The disease is caused by a bacteria called Legionella. Here are some world observations and views about how low temperature affects Legionella:

  • If the temperature is above 158 degrees Fahrenheit, the bacteria dies suddenly
  • If the temperature is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria die in 2 minutes
  • At 122 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria die in 90-124 minutes
  • 1t 118-122 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria don’t die but can multiply
  • At 90-102 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria grow and cause disease

So set an ideal temperature range for your home and enjoy a tankless heater.

Some Other Tips

Here are some other tips for setting and saving your tankless water heater temperature:

  • Never live or keep a child near the water heater; it can be risky, especially in the sudden burning of an electric heater
  • Make sure to test a water heater before using it on your hands
  • Turning on cold water, before the hot water saves from health and electricity risks
  • If you had children and old ones at your home, teach them how to use and set the water heater temperature

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature should a water heater be set at?

A hot water temperature should be set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit scale. It’s ideal and optimal, which saves both you and your energy bills from harsh conditions.

What should my hot water tank thermostat be set at?

Set your thermostat at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and see magic to save your energy, time, and money. Moreover, this is an ideal hot water temperature.

Conclusion- Tankless Water Heater Temperature Setting

After the whole article, we hope you understand the ideal temperature for a tankless water heater in your daily and specific routine. Consumer Product Safety Communication which is a well-known organization all over the world to help customers also made discussion it.

According to it, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal and recommended temperature for a water heater, especially if your heater is tankless. If you feel too hot or cold, you can adjust it by trying small numbers.

For example, if the temperature is 120 degrees F, you can change it to 125 degrees F to try and accordingly. In the end, if you still have a question, feel free to ask us any time. We are always here to assist you every time.

Happy Tankless Water Heater Temperature Setting Golden Tips.

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