Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heater 2022- Benefits and Drawbacks

Tankless water heaters are an essential need nowadays, especially in the areas of cold water environments. Everyone wants to get hot water due to need and critical conditions including environmental issues.

Probably many people ask about the advantages and disadvantages of tankless water heaters or the pros and cons of the tankless water heater. Most people also ask a question about tankless water heaters is “Are tankless water heaters worth it?” The answer entirely depends upon its advantages and disadvantages.


Down in this post, we provided some points highlighting the benefits and don’ts of the tankless water heater. In addition, we also provided some guides to use them.

You all know well that these water heaters are cost saving and long-lasting if we look upon a comparison of these heaters with tank-style water heaters. So, if you want to know the answer to the advantages and disadvantages of a tankless water heater, read the post below.

Tankless Water Heater Pros and Cons

Tankless water heater pros cons are eye-catching topics to discuss. Specifically, you must know tankless gas water heaters’ pros and cons. Here is a complete guide for you.

Pros of Tankless Water Heaters

There are both the pros and cons of tankless water heaters by consumers reports and professionals. Here are the pros of these heaters to have a better understanding of a tankless water heater’s working:

Save Energy Bills

The most essential and considerable advantage is saving energy bills compared to traditional heaters, which consume a lot of electricity and power in watts.

Tankless heaters provide an on-demand hot water supply, which is a positive point. Hence, saving energy bills is one of the most significant benefits of the tankless water heater.

On the other hand, these do not allow heat and electricity loss during working but tank-style water heaters. Working by the principle of glass water burn or electric coils, these are important and well-reputed. Hot water is protected in pipes without any loss.

According to the US Department of energy supply, a tankless style water heater saves 50% of energy and electricity than any traditional and tank-style water heater. The average amounts according to water usage for daily activities are given as:

  • Using 41 gallons of water each day would save 24% to 34% of water
  • Using 86 gallons per day would save less energy because, in this case, the heater works quickly and have fewer chances to save energy; the estimated amount is 14% maximum and 8% minimum
  • And if we talk about money, then it saves 100$ per day and 155$ per year for a person or an installation

Unlimited Supply of Water

Irritated if traditional or tank-style water heater because they are unable to meet demands of daily needs? Good, we recommend using tankless heaters.

These are sufficient enough that meets your daily activities. No matter if your family had a beach trip and wants to take a shower or if you have a lot of clothes at your laundry place, it’s always ready to fulfill your needs for hot water.

If you want to run five showers smoothly, you can quickly run. It attractively fulfills its duty with a maximum flow rate that you can get endless hot water.

Use Less Space

Worry about installing a water heater because you do not have enough space in your toilet, kitchen, or bathroom space? Well, using a tankless style water heater, it’s now easy to cope and fulfill your needs.

If we compare the capacity of the heater, these are holding less space than all other heaters. Image how it’s loveable that a heater providing 40 gallons of hot water is only 10 inches tall and 20 inches in diameter.

With specific basement and units, it’s easy to install in most little places or even easy to mount on the wall with specific basement and units.

No-Risk of Tank Exploring

It’s a basic and well-known phenomenon that minerals and other contaminated substances can attack a water product with continuous use. It happens most of the time in tank-style water heaters.

Therefore, experts always recommend testing a product before going to its final installation. But it’s irritating and disappointing if a product get’s attacked by minerals which are harmful and bad for clothes washing. It’s another tankless water heater, pros.

Yes, a tankless heater is always an excellent choice which is available on the guarantee-based product. Luckily, it is free of the above risks and predictions. You can use this product without any stress and tension.


Want to get a heater which works for more than 20 years without any damage and breakage risks? Fortunately, picking a tankless water heater is always an excellent choice. Some of these worked for more than 20 years without any damage or breakage. In other words, longevity is it’s another positive point.

Instant Hot Water

The traditional water heaters were free of the issues of instant hot water. Those were unable to provide an amount of hot water supply with maximum efficiency and output.

You must be happy to know that an instant hot water supply is a product that can fulfill your needs related to home and precisely kitchen needs. On the other hand, traditional heaters have a storage tank, which needs to wait for a person already using a water heater.

Remote Connection

Due to advanced technology, there are more chances to cope up and using a water heater. And if we talk about water heaters of the advanced era, they may have some extra functionality to attract people.

These heaters have a remote app connection with a device using which you can easily manage all conditions of life according to your interest and need for hot water. You are always free to choose and select the best water heater for your need.

Electric and Gas Models Are Available

Another advantage of a tankless water heater is that these are available in both the electricity and gas models. Hence, if you run out of electricity, using a gas model is still a choice. Some have a combination of both gas and electric water supply power.

Cons of Tankless Water Heater

Installation Cost

One of the essential and fundamental cons of the heater which people consider the lot if installation cost. The installation cost is more than monthly electric/gas bills or all other monthly expenses.

It is the first factor that hinders people from buying an electric tankless water heater. According to the home advisor, the average cost maybe $2000 or more.

Moreover, there may be an extra fee to dispose of your previous heater or pipelines or dispose of the overall heating system. It is one of the many cons of a tankless water heater for those who can’t afford it.

Price Tags

Price tags are not exactly as they are mentioned. Most people estimate that these price tags are their final cost, and now they are free of consuming any fee.

But this doesn’t seem right. Suppose if a Rheem heater may have a price tag of $400, then it may consume your $476 extra for other necessities needed to install and run a heater satisfactory.

Inconsistent Temperature

Inconsistent temperature is another con of a tankless water heater. Although these are good and efficient in providing a consistent temperature, it’s not an exact idea or overall production. Sometimes due to an external or internal issue, there may be variable temperature due to which some people face a lot of problems about this.

Seasonal Issues

Seasonal issues are another reasons which increase a negative point about the tankless water heater. It may provide a different temperature than your demands and you may face problems about it.

No matter how professional you are, it’s always working on its principle. For example, it provides warm water during the winter months, but it may provide hot water during the summer months.

Flow Rate

If you need to use more than one appliance in your home or kitchen, there is inconsistency in the flow rate. And it’s not fixed but varied according to hot water flow rate. Moreover, an inconsistency or an accuracy up to an exact point is unable to achieve.

Final Verdict

Although a tankless water heater is a pretty good device with both pros and cons, it’s hindering some people from thinking about using or running efficiently with more significant benefits. You should consider both pros and cons tankless water heater while buying it. Overall, we recommend using a tankless water heater because of the working efficiency and more advantages.

Do not worry, because if a product has pros, then cons are essential to accept. If you want to check different types of water heaters, go to the link here. Still have confusion? Feel free to ask your questions any time.

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