11 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters Reviews- Highest Rated 2023

Are you upset with your tank-based water heater having consumed high maintenance and operating costs and also didn’t last long due to low useful life?

Don’t worry! There are some best tankless water heaters available that overcome these issues and you can enjoy on-demand hot water. But, which tankless water heater to choose: electric or gas?

If you are looking for tankless heaters having lower maintenance costs and greater efficiency, the best electric tankless heater is highly recommended.

At a Glance:

If research for a top-rated unit that delivers endless hot water to your residential or commercial applications, the choices can be immense.

Those who are living in large homes would prefer units with a greater flow rate. Others, who want to slash water heating costs may prefer units that are highly energy cost-efficient.

Families living in very cold temperatures in Canada would love to have freeze-protection in heaters while those living in small homes might need heaters that are relatively smaller in size.

So, here is complete detail on tankless electric water heater reviews based upon which you can buy these products as per your need and wish.

Here, we have done intensive research & testing on multiple water heaters and reviewed the top electric tankless water heaters based on their specifications, durability, size, efficiency, flow rate, and price range along with the other prominent features helping you select one that meets your demand and delivers the best value for your money. Scroll down to find out our reviews!

While testing multiple water heaters and also taking reviews from consumers we have completed our research and compiled a comprehensive list for you.

Here are our top picks of the best tankless electric water heaters to narrow down your reading time. Scroll down to find out the individual review in-depth for each of the top-quality water heaters listed above. These all are the highest-rated electric tankless water heaters.

Our Recommendations for Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters

AwardDesignTankless Water HeaterRetailer
Best 36kW Electric Tankless Water Heater
Best PickStiebel Eltron Tempra 36 Plus
Check Price
Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Brand
Ecosmart ECO 36
Check Price
Best Electric On Demand Water Heater
Staff PickRheem RTEX-13
Check Price
Best Rated Electric Tankless Water Heater
EcoSmart ECO 27
Check Price
Best Budget Electric Tankless Water Heater
Budget PickRheem RTEX 18
Check Price
Small Electric Tankless Water Heater
Bosch WH27 Tronic
Check Price
Best Electric Water Heater for Size
Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15
Check Price
Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater
Rinkmo 18kW
Check Price
Best Instant Electric Water Heater
Titan SCR2 N-120
Check Price
Best Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater
Sio Green IR288
Check Price
Best Remote Control Electric Tankless Water Heater
Camplux 18KW
Check Price

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36 Plus

Best Pick
Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36 Plus – Best 36kW Electric Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking for a tankless heater that can supply endless hot water to your whole house with 2 to 3 bathrooms? If yes, Tempra 36 is the best option for you.

We found this heater as the best overall due to its advanced flow control technology that amazingly keeps the water temperature constant by adjusting the water flow. That means, if the demand for hot water becomes greater than the heater’s capacity, the water flow is slightly reduced making sure you never run out of the hot water supply while taking bath or washing dishes.

The display monitor at the front also shows the water flow details precisely and believe me this is not common in most of the water heaters out there.

Moreover, we found its self-modulation technology pretty impressive. As per our observation, the flow sensor effectively activates the unit with a much low flow rate, and also it consumes very little energy saving a lot in electricity bills. Plus, the savings monitor on the front of the unit shows the energy cost savings precisely in real-time.

When it comes to flow rate, the unit provides sufficient hot water flow to a large home with 2-3 bathrooms. We experienced that the hot water supply is sufficient to run two low-flow showers and two kitchen sinks simultaneously when the heat loss is minimum in the summer temperature.

However, in extremely cold temperatures the flow rate is slightly reduced due to low inlet water temperatures. Some users were not much impressed with the results in cold weather, however, most of the users were happy with the performance.

Amazingly, the unit is lightweight, small in size, and has a sleek design that you can easily mount under the sink in a bathroom, any wall outside, or in a utility room. Its compact design makes it an easier-to-install system.

We were able to install this heater easily within an hour following the guidelines in the installation manual. You need to ensure that your household capacity is enough to support the unit along with other appliances before installing the heater.

We were amazed by the durability of this unit, according to some users they didn’t face any issues with the unit for more than five years. If we check the warranty, Stiebel Eltron has included two different warranties for this unit: one is the 7-year warranty for anti-leakage water components while the second is a 3-year warranty for the heating parts so it is for sure that you do not need to worry about the maintenance cost for this water heater.

Finally, by considering the many great features of this best electric tankless water heater which outweighs a few drawbacks, Tempra 36 Plus is highly recommended for use.

Bottom Line

The last but most important thing about this tankless water heater is its self-modulating power due to which it can understand if water is being used or not. As a result, it saves your electricity bills by turning it off when water is not in use.


  • Advanced flow control technology
  • Best for large homes
  • Sleek Design and easy to install
  • Constant energy savings with self-modulation technology
  • Digital temperature display and savings monitor


  • A sediment filter is required before the installation of the unit
  • Expensive

Ecosmart ECO 36

Ecosmart ECO 36 – Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Brand

If you are looking for a tankless electric water heater for your large family having a high demand for continuous hot water, ECO36 will be an ideal choice as it’s being manufactured by Ecosmart which is known for the reliability of its products.

When it comes to EcoSmart, its patented self-modulating technology is matchless. We found its activation rate to be much lower than the other water heaters saving an extra buck on the energy bills.

Likewise Steibel, this unit also comes with an advanced flow control mechanism that manages the water flow exceptionally well enabling continuous hot water delivery to your fixtures along with the reduction in heat loss.

Another prominent feature we found in the unit is its precise temperature control. We can set the heating temperature using the thermostat at the front with an increment of 1°F up to 140F. As per our testing results, the digital display updates the alterations correctly and the heat sensors deliver the exact output hot water temperature as required.

Also, we have checked with most of the users, and also in our opinion, ECO36’s cost-saving and temperature control technology is exceptional.

If we check the build quality, this heater has stainless steel and copper elements installed which makes it last longer and increases its useful life. The unit is small in size that can be installed anywhere where the tank-based systems don’t fit in easily.

Unfortunately, the design is not much elegant, however, the users preferring the higher quality of this heater over appearance mostly ignore this downside.

The heater also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is by far the best warranty in the market. Some users complained that they did not qualify for the warranty. However, we found that to get qualified, you need to carefully register the unit on their website link.

Also, the unit needs to be installed by a licensed professional as per their guidelines which increases the installation cost a bit. We observed the warranty terms are a bit complex which can become void if not followed strictly.

When it comes to flow rate, this unit works better than Stiebel in extremely cold climates where you can easily enjoy using three water saver showers or three faucets at once. In summers, the performance is almost the same as Stiebel 36.

These are the many prominent features and also the main reason, we labeled the unit as the editor’s choice and highly recommend it for large homes with two to three bathrooms.

Bottom Line

The most important facts about this product that we experienced are its warranty time. Due to stainless steel used in its design its warrant time increased by triple value.


  • 99.8% energy efficient with self-modulation technology
  • Compact design saving space
  • Point-of-use installation saves time for waiting for hot water
  • Limited lifetime warranty makes it better than rivals
  • It’s a very powerful model with high value for money


  • Warranty clauses are complex and can become void if not installed by a licensed professional
  • Design is not much elegant

Rheem RTEX-13

Staff Pick
Rheem RTEX-13 – Best Electric On Demand Water Heater

If you want a water heater for your small home as a single point-of-use or for multiple uses with medium demand for hot water, this best electric tankless water heater will be of great value.

Rheem has been producing one of the finest water heaters in the market. If we compare it to its previous models, this model is the most efficient, has greater durability, and performs well.

As long as there is average demand for hot water, this water heater would be sufficient. Moreover, if you have high demand, then its low price allows you to install two or more units at different points in your residential applications.

The unit has a classy design and is smaller in size. it takes very little space which makes a lot of room available if you want to install multiple units. We were able to mount it easily under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

You can also mount it to any inside wall or in your garage with ease. Additionally, the unit has a digital display and control for temperature on the front, where you can adjust output water temperature with 1F and get the exact heating temperature on your showers and faucets as required.

We found this unit highly durable due to its robust copper immersion elements with brass tops and powerful self-modulating control mechanism. Most of its components are field serviceable which means that if any operating part becomes non-functional, you can repair it on your own without the manufacturer’s support.

RTEX-13 is also backed with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for its anti-leakage parts while one year for parts. Even though the warranty seems to be low, users found it performing well for a long-time without any problem.

The hot water flow rate for this heater is sufficient for a shower and faucet running at one time. Its intelligent temperature control system continuously monitors the water temperature and ensures an endless supply of hot water provided you are not using it beyond its capacity.

The heater is mostly suited near the point of use to reduce heat loss. Its installation process is also pretty simple. You can install it on your own saving the installation costs. We were able to easily install it within an hour by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. These features make this heater of great value.

Bottom Line

In essence, its temperature controlling the process by using displays is an attractive feature of this product.


  • Unique and compact design making it easier to install in small space
  • Budget-friendly unit with amazing value
  • Durable heating elements
  • Dial selector giving maximum temperature adjustment control with 1°F increment
  • 5 years anti-leakage, 1-year parts warranty


  • Not works well for larger homes

EcoSmart ECO 27

EcoSmart ECO 27 – Best Rated Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you are looking for a tankless water heater for your family having medium demand for hot water, ECO27 will be of great value. Among the best tankless water heater electric reviews, this is a versatile choice.

Again comes down in our list, another powerful unit by Ecosmart. Likewise ECO36, this water heater comes with the self-modulating technology turning on the heating unit only when there is a demand for hot water.

To heat, this unit is using three 9kW heating chambers installed in it. These separate heating elements allow the unit to use only the required amount of energy to heat water. We observed that this ensured cost savings of up to thirty percent from the electricity bills.

Similar to ECO36, the unit’s flow rate is minimal. This unit works relatively well in colder temperatures providing enough hot water for two kitchen sinks or two showers. It works ell in inlet temperatures as low as 35F.

In summer, you can fill your bathtub or use two smart faucets easily with enough hot water flow available. The temperature for heating water can be set precisely with an increment of 1°F between the range of 80 to 140°F using the digital temperature control in front of the heater.

The unit lags in the design, however, it is compact, saving large space. Also, the unit has durable heating elements. You do not need to worry about the operating or maintenance cost for a much longer period.

Further, this heater comes with an incredibly limited lifetime warranty for the electronics and exchangers of the heater. However, you need to carefully register the unit and get it installed by a licensed electrician/plumber as per the guidelines by EcoSmart to avoid the hassle.

Bottom Line

This tankless electric heater is very easy to install and you don’t need a plumber or expert to call for this. Instead, read the instructions and follow the steps.


  • Advanced self-modulation technology ensuring no heat loss
  • Save valuable space with a compact design
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Highly durable copper and stainless heating elements
  • Saves energy


  • Warranty clauses can become void if not installed by professionals
  • Not works well for a large family

Rheem RTEX 18

Budget Pick
Rheem RTEX 18 – Best Budget Electric Tankless Water Heater

RTEX-18 is another powerful model by Rheem providing some of the prominent features at a very economical price. This 18 kW tankless water heater works well in small homes with 1-2 bathrooms having medium demand for hot water.

Again makes a way to our list, another finest model by Rheem. Similar to its previous versions, RTEX-18 also has 2 heating elements installed in it that are resistant to corrosion and make it highly durable.

Also, there is a digital thermostatic control at the front enabling you to set the temperature with an increment of 1°F from 80F-140F as per your needs. The heat sensors register these alterations precisely and ensure that the required hot water temperature is maintained for your faucets and showers.

Apart from the above, RTEX-18 240V is 99.8% energy efficient. This tankless water heater requires two 40A breakers, a 3/4 inch NPT water connection, and an 8 AWG wire gauge for installation purposes. Also, this 18kW tankless water heater requires an electrical service of 75A for smooth operations.

Likewise RTEX-13, this tankless water heater has advanced self-modulation power control that turns off the water heater when there is no demand for hot water. If we check its flow rate, this heater provides a flow rate of up to 3.3 GPM for hot water in colder temperatures which goes up to 4.4 GPM in hot summer temperatures.

This electric heater works really well and supplies hot water consistently if you do not run multiple water fixtures at once.

Additionally, this water heater has a sleek and elegant design that you can mount easily on a very small space under the sink or any wall. It is recommended that the heater is mounted near the point of use for consistent hot water flow.

When it comes to warranty, this Rheem tankless water heater comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for anti-leakage elements while there is a 1-year warranty for heating parts so you do not have to worry about maintenance costs for some time.

Bottom Line

With a flow rate of 3.3 GPM, it provides endless hot water. Named as a point-of-use electric hot water tankless water heater, it has millions of installations based on this feature.


  • Copper immersion heating elements are installed making it highly durable
  • Providing higher value at a reasonable rate
  • Requires only 2x40A breakers to run smoothly
  • Precise digital thermostatic control results are matchless
  • 99.8% energy efficient


  • Professional support is recommended for the installation to avoid warranty issues
  • Not suitable for multiple fixtures at once

Bosch WH27 Tronic

Bosch WH27 Tronic-Small Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you searching for a premium choice tankless heater providing an endless supply of hot water for your multiple water fixtures, has longer durability as compared to other tankless heaters, then BOSCH WH27 6000C will be a perfect choice for you.

This tankless water heater, engineered in Germany, provides superior temperature control features due to its smart heat sensors. Moreover, this unit is 97% thermally efficient and reduces your water costs.

The flow rate of this tankless water heater is sufficient for 2-3 water fixtures running simultaneously so you don’t need to worry about the hot water while using the heater.

While operating at 26.9kW, Bosch tankless water heater requires 3 x 40 A breakers, 8 AWG cables along the recommended 3/4 inch NPT Anti-scale filter system for installation. It is highly recommended to be installed by a licensed professional plumber/electrician for installation.

When it comes to size, this compact and sleek design water heater is small and takes very little space to mount onto any wall without venting.

Amazingly, BOSCH provides users with a 5-year warranty for the heating elements of its water heater and a 2 years parts warranty. However, as found out the heaters work smoothly and last more than 14-15 years due to highly durable components installed in the unit.

So if you are looking to invest in a premium electric tankless water heater with longer durability and do not need to worry about high maintenance and repairs costs for a very long time, BOSCH WH27 electric tankless water heater is highly recommended.

Bottom Line

Its energy-efficient value is 97% due to which it saves your electricity bills, time, and money. It also saves water.


  • Recommended for commercial and residential application purpose
  • Power consumption is low and it’s a very quiet unit
  • 97% thermal efficient
  • No venting is required
  • Higher parts durability more than 14-15 years making it a premium choice unit


  • Price is greater than the rival units
  • The repair cost for the heating elements is a bit higher

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15– Best Electric Water Heater for Size

Again comes down the list another powerful tankless water heater by Stiebel Eltron. This small tankless water heater is useful for families with having lower demand for hot water and does not use more than two fixtures at a time.

Likewise, to its other models, this 14.4 kW water heater is extremely energy efficient. It also has an advanced auto-modulation system saving power from bills and reducing heat loss from the hot water.

Further, using this heater you can reduce between 15-20% of your electricity expense and also track the energy cost savings on the savings monitor on the front of this heater.

The electrical requirements of this water heater include 14.4 kW power, 240V voltage, and 60A maximum amperage draw. It is recommended that the location where the unit needs to be installed should have a minimum electrical service of 100A so that all its electrical components run smoothly.

For the installation, a 2 x 30 Ampere dual-pole breaker is required along with a 2×8 AWG cable and a 3/4 inch NPT water connection. The heater requires a minimum flow rate of 0.5 GPM for activation. Also, it offers temperature output between 86 to 140 F which you can set easily using the digital control thermostat at the front of the heater.

If we check its hot water flow rate, at 72F the flow rate goes up to 3 GPM which allows running 2 showers or 3 faucets at a time while at 42F it reduces to 1.1 GPM where only one shower or a faucet can be used at a time.

The design of the heater is sleek and simple. Also, the heater is small in size which makes it easier to mount and install anywhere easily where the storage tank-based water heat may not fit. It is recommended to install the heater near the point-of-use to make full use of hot water heater. Also, no venting system needed to be installed.

When it comes to durability, the unit comes with copper immersion heating elements that make it highly durable and long-lasting. Further, this unit is also backed with a high manufacturer’s warranty period: 7-year leakage and 3 years parts warranty which requires very little maintenance.

Bottom Line

Its sleek and simple design makes its usage easy. Moreover, installation is very easy because of its small size. You don’t have to worry about the specific place to install this electric heater.


  • Savings monitor and highly accurate Digital display
  • Advanced modulation technology reduces heat loss
  • Noise-free operation
  • Lower electrical service requirements
  • Highly reliable with little maintenance costs


  • Not recommended for a large family having high hot water demand

Rinkmo 18kW

Rinkmo 18kW– Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking for a tankless water heater for residential or commercial usage where you do not need to worry about high maintenance or cleaning cost, burnout, or leakage risk? If yes, Rinkmo 18kW tankless water heater will be the best choice to solve these problems.

Are you worried about the high maintenance and cleaning cost, burnout, or leakage risk for the tankless heater? You don’t need to worry about it as we found Rinkmo 18kW tankless water heater the best choice to solve these problems for your residential or commercial applications.

Having smart self-modulating technology, this unit is 99.8% energy efficient. By installing this water heater, you can save more than 50% of the water heating costs from your electricity bills.

The performance of this heater is quite impressive. We found the minimum water flow for this heater around 0.4 GPM. This unit delivers instant hot water in just three seconds and can run one faucet and two showers at the same time.

Its smart water flow and temperature sensors ensure there is a consistent supply of hot water with lower energy consumption.

At the front, this electric tankless water heater has a temperature control knob that enables you to set the required hot water temperature. Amazingly, you can press the knob to switch the output temperature display between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

The unit is also equipped with safety features including a display that generates alarms if the inlet/outlet temperature becomes abnormal and the system cuts off the heating for safety if the temperature becomes too high.

Rinko 18kW tankless water heater has a sleek design, small size, and fire-proof metal sheet shell that allows you to install the heater in the spaces like a garage, closet, or basement of your house.

Further, since the unit produces heat without contact with the metals directly, you need not change the heat coils resulting in lower maintenance costs in the longer run.

Bottom Line

The best feature of the product is that it consumes low cost to install and also reduces amounts of bills by using the least amount of energy.


  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Low maintenance and cleaning cost
  • A fire-proof sheet metal shell makes it a safer unit
  • Require minimum activation flow rate of just 0.4 GPM
  • Smaller in size, easily installed anywhere


  • Not works well for very low inlet temperatures
  • Not recommended if you use multiple fixtures at once with hot water

Titan SCR2 N-120

Titan SCR2 N-120– Best Instant Electric Water Heater

Are you extremely concerned about your electricity bill prices and looking for a fast solution for cutting costs while also having low demand for hot water? Don’t worry! Titan N120 tankless water heater is out there to put an end to these concerns.

Having been manufactured by Titan in collaboration with Niagara industries, this is a highly budget-friendly water heater that operates at low energy thus enabling users to save up to 40% extra on the electricity bill.

Its self-modulation technology turns on the heater only when the hot water is needed making it 99.5% energy efficient.

Moreover, this 220V water heater requires an activation flow of 0.5 GPM. In summer conditions this heater can provide up to 4 GPM of hot water which is enough for a house with 2 bathrooms, however, in the colder climate, it is suitable for 1 bathroom only.

To operate smoothly, this unit requires up to 55A of dedicated electrical service.

Additionally, this easy-to-install 11.8 kW unit requires a 60A breaker and 6 AWG wire gauge for installation. For temperature control, the N-120 heater has two push buttons in the control panel at the front allowing you to set the temperature as required.

The unit also has an option to manually reset the thermostat to prevent the risk of scalding and an abnormal rise in the temperature.

Having extremely lightweight, this compact unit can be installed anywhere on any wall for residential or commercial applications saving space.

Amazingly, this low-cost best tankless water heater comes with a relatively greater warranty period having 10 years leakage warranty and a 1-year warranty for parts. Also, its operating parts are cheap so you don’t have to pay much for the heater’s operation.

Bottom Line

Talking about the best features of the products urges us to mention low cost, lightweight, and easy maintenance for all. Even a newbie can install this heater easily.


  • Operates at lower energy, saving 40% more electricity
  • A resettable thermostat installed prevents scalding
  • Excellent manufacturers warranty; 10-years anti-leakage, 1-year parts
  • 99.5% energy efficient
  • The activation flow rate is just 0.5 GPM


  • Inlet temperature should be above 65F so that it functions properly
  • Does not perform well in very cold temperatures

Sio Green IR288

Sio Green IR288– Best Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking for the best-infrared water heater? If yes, Sio Green IR288 v2 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater is a great choice.

Are you worried about the limescale deposits causing corrosion in your home appliances and water pipes due to hard water that can also reduce the heating life of the water heater?

SioGreen promises that you won’t need to worry about the limescale deposits anymore with their highly effective infrared water heater. This relatively new technology makes the unit extremely efficient against hard water.

It makes the heater corrosion-free with no algae, bacteria, or limescale deposits. Also, the unit is highly cost-effective so you will also save on energy bills.

The heater uses quartz technology that enhances the performance of the heater and is highly efficient. The quartz heating elements prevent the calcium and the limescale deposits from building up on the system to avoid corrosion.

Also, the infrared heating tubes are recyclable so the operating cost is much reduced as compared to other water heaters. This cutting-edge technology is the biggest selling point of the manufacturer, and this makes it one of the best infrared tankless water heaters in the market.

The unit is highly recommended for RV, point-of-use or you can use in your weekend cabin on the farm.

When it comes to flow rate, the first thing we advise is to install faucets and showerheads with low flow in your house. The flow rate would then be enough to run a low-flow shower and a faucet at once in summer, however, in winters you can either run a saver shower or two low-flow faucets.

If you desire more GPM, you can install a bigger SioGreen unit with more power rating. Its automatic modulation technology uses little power to ensure the desired temperature is delivered making it 98% power efficient.

There is also a manual mode that allows you to adjust the current based on your needs by holding the power button, however, most of the users prefer the automatic mode as it’s easier to use and much more reliable.

The unit is lightweight and very compact. Although the installation of the unit is easy that you can handle yourself, you need to hire an expert to install the unit as per the manufacturer’s terms to save the warranty from becoming void.

This increases the installation cost of the heater which is not liked by some users. When installed, initially it will take a little while to set the water temperature. But once the unit is rightly calibrated, you will get the desired hot water on demand instantly.

We found this unit the best to resist even the hardest water in many areas of the US and Canada and its quartz, infrared heating water elements are perfect to resist the extreme corrosion from the water. The unit nearly requires no maintenance.

Amazingly, the heater comes with a 10-years warranty and most importantly the 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the heater. If you are living in Europe, it is good to know the heater is also CE-certified due to its high standard, safety features, and eco-friendly operations.

Bottom Line

Its infrared heating water elements make this product resist heat and corrosion. The ultimate benefit is to use this for a long time.


  • Quartz Infrared tubes resist calcium and limescale deposits build-up
  • You can adjust the heating temperature via two modes: automatically as well as manually
  • It has the option to set the desired current from the range of 10A-40A that results in between 1.5 kW-9 kW of power
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost
  • CE-Certification is a plus point


  • It does not work well for more than two fixtures at once

Camplux 18KW

Camplux 18KW- Best Remote Control Electric Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking for the best remote control tankless water heater? If yes, Camplux 18kW Instant Hot Water Heater is a great choice.

This reliable tankless electric water heater is mostly recognized for its amazing safety features. Although it is a less expensive unit than the other brands, it outperforms most of the water heaters in the town due to the multiple protections that ensure safety.

Most of all, the unit is tested for its safety standards and is NSF and ETL certified giving it an edge in terms of safety over most of the standard and tankless heaters.

The unit is highly durable and is equipped with leakage proofing, an overheat protection that cuts off the hot water supply to protect you if the temperature reaches 153F, splash waterproofing, a pressure relief valve that is efficient in draining the water in winter preventing cracking and freezing of the pipes in the heater.

All these features and protections increase the life of this water heater. The heater also includes modulation that saves money on your water bills.

The design of the unit is quite impressive as you can find the heater with a minimal design with black or a white finish, a smart LED display, and modern touch and remote sensing controls at the front to set temperatures. The results of the smart remote controller included in the heater are quite amazing.

That is, if there is no obstruction within six meters, if you aim at the unit, without a doubt you can set and alter the temperatures easily with the remote control without any issues.

We observed that the flow rate of the heater is sufficient for one to two bathrooms based on the inlet temperatures. You can use a shower and a kitchen sink at the same time or fill a bathtub with hot water if the inlet water temperature is 72F. If the inlet temperature is as low as 42F, you can use two low-flow showers at once.

We also observed that the water heater needs much water flow to get activated. It has a minimum flow rate of 0.85 GPM which means you need to turn the water to full while taking a bath or washing dishes which wastes water.

Before installing the heater, you need to ensure the electrical service of 75A is available and separate two 50 amperes dual pole breakers are installed as per the product power requirements for smooth operation.

For the installation, a licensed professional technician is needed to install the unit as per the safety code of the area and to ensure the warranty conditions are fulfilled. The unit has a flexible 360-degree multi-angle option for installation which means you can mount it at any perfect angle as required in your kitchen, hair salon, school, or hospital.

Bottom Line

Its advanced features including smart LED display, screen touch, and temperature display make this heater ideal among the same brands and the same size of heaters.


  • The smart remote control system makes it easier to set temperature from a far position
  • The smart remote control system makes it easier to set temperature from a far position/li>
  • Smart and modern digital display for temperature
  • Overheat protection to save you from sudden high temp as 67C or 153F
  • NSF and ETL certification is a plus point


  • Not works well for inlet temperatures below 42F

Types of Electric Tankless Water Heater 2023

Outdoor Tankless Heaters

These units are designed to be installed outdoors where you can mount them on the outside wall of your kitchen or bathroom. To protect the water heaters from getting frozen in winter temperatures, these units are equipped with a freeze protection system making them highly durable and long-lasting units for cold climates.

Whole House Tankless Heaters

If you are living in a home and have a high demand for hot water daily for your kitchen faucets, dishwashers, showerheads, bathtub, washing machine, or if you are living in a large home with 3-4 bathrooms, then you should look for a water heater having higher flow rate.

In such a case, installing the best whole house electric tankless water heater can fulfill your complete hot water demand and you don’t need to install multiple units.

Point of Use Tankless Heaters

These are used for a single point of application. This means that if you are living in a home with 2 bathrooms and you require hot water for your kitchen faucet and bathrooms then you need to install three point-of-use tankless water heaters.

These heaters are highly energy-efficient, smaller in size, and durable that completely eliminates the heat loss due to being installed with the point-of-use.

Portable Tankless Heaters

As the name suggests, these are small in size, easy-to-carry units that you can deploy anywhere you want without much thinking. Also, they are light in weight and have lower flow rates.

You can carry them easily when traveling for vacations and even install them on your caravan to get hot water.

Watch this video to see how an electric tankless water heater works!

Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters 2023 – Buying Guide

Supporting Power System

Before ordering a unit, you need to ensure that the existing power system installed at your residential or commercial location is meeting the power demand and voltage ratings of that tankless electric water heater that you want to purchase.

You can choose the water heater from a variety of voltages including 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V, 277V which best suits your power requirements. Also, you need to install the required breakers, use the exact AWG wire as per the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure seamless operation of the heater.

Highly Energy Efficient

The best electric tankless water heaters come with the self-modulation technology that activates the heater only when hot water is required.

Such water heaters use less power to heat the water making these units highly efficient where many of them are above 97% energy-efficient. Using these units, one can ensure a reduction in electricity bills by at least 15% and a decrease in water costs by 50%.

Bear in mind, that these water heaters do require high electrical service to operate smoothly. However, the units are environment-friendly since these units do not generate gases. So, if you require an endless water heater, go for the units that have the highest energy efficiency like Stiebel, EcoSmart, or Rheem.

Greater Flow Rate

The flow rate is an important element that needs to be considered before you buy a heater for your family. It shows the amount of water the electric water heater can heat and supply within a minute. It is measured in Gallon per minute (GPM). The more the GPM is, you will get more hot water supply for the fixtures at once.

At first, you need to identify the total fixtures that will be used for hot water including the number of showers, sinks, bathtubs, dishwashers, etc. Then, calculate your average demand for hot water by identifying how many fixtures are you using simultaneously.

Once identified, combine the flow rates for the multiple fixtures using at once using the data in the table below to get the total required flow rate.

ApplicationFlow rate
Kitchen Faucet1-2 GPM
Bathtub4 GPM
Low-flow shower1-1.5 GPM
Standard shower2-2.5 GPM
Dishwasher1-2 GPM
Water-saver Sink0.5-0.75 GPM

You can now choose the heater from the listed models as per the total required flow rate at peak time. For example, the total required flow rate goes to 6 GPM at peak time so you will select the heater that delivers 6 gallons of hot water per minute. Similarly, if the total flow rate goes to 10 GPM, you can select and install multiple electric water heaters with high flow rates at different points at your home or commercial application.

Installation Costs

Some homes & apartments are having electrical service that is unable to meet the power demand of some water heaters to function properly.

In such a case, the minimum household electrical service needs to be upgraded to meet the electrical requirements of the water heater which increases the upfront installation costs.

Additionally, tankless water heaters require dedicated circuit breakers to be installed to operate smoothly and the right AWG wire size. You can consult with a licensed electrician to get more knowledge related to wiring.

Furthermore, many of the heaters can be installed on your own following the guide but it is recommended to be installed by a professional to get rid of warranty issues. Also, no venting system needs to be installed since the electric water heaters do not generate gases.

Safety Features

You should consider the heater that comes with safety features; including self-modulating technology, flow and temperature controls, alarm for abnormal temperatures, and much more as per the area where the heater is installed.

For example, if you live in an extremely cold location with freezing temperatures, consider a heater having freeze-protection installed to protect the heater from getting frozen. Also, it is recommended with most of the heaters install sediment filters to protect from hard inline water.

Design & Size

When it comes to construction, the best electric water heaters have a compact and sleek design that can be easily installed anywhere. They have simple designs therefore they are easy to repair, troubleshoot, & also enable you to comfortably maintain it on your own.

The electric tankless heaters are usually small in size so before installing, select the right area near the point-of-use and the power source for better functionality.


Electric heaters generally last up to 20 years. If you are willing to utilize the unit for such an extended duration without worries, it is recommended you consider water heaters with reliable and extended warranties for the leakage parts & heating elements so that you are saved from the maintenance and repair costs.

Also, many manufacturers suggest installing the units with the licensed professionals to allow users to claim warranties, so ensure the unit is safely installed as per guidelines of manufacturers by a licensed plumber and electrician and also the unit is carefully registered to the manufacturer’s websites (where applicable) to qualify for warranty and avoid later hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electric tankless water heater on the market?

To be the best heater among the competitors there are multiple factors. The heater should have self-modulation technology, be able to control the water flow electronically, precise digital display and thermostats, low maintenance and operating costs, greater durability, size, high energy efficiency, flow rate (GPM), better warranty terms, and most importantly the safety features should be present.
For most of the users, endless hot water on demand is the major requirement but above are the factors that make the units the best tankless electric water heater in the market. We have also highlighted some units with respect to their best selling point.
Read complete detail below as tankless electric hot water heaters reviews!
1. Best Overall, Electric: Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus
2. Best Whole-House: Ecosmart ECO 36
3. Best Premium: Bosch WH27 Tronic 6000C
4. Best Value: Rheem RTEX-13
5. Best Budget: Titan SCR2 N-120
6. Best Portable/Best for RV: Rheem RTEX-13

What size electric tankless water heater do I need for my house?

Firstly, identify the number of fixtures you may use at once for hot water and calculate their flow rates (GPM). Once identified, this would be the total required flow rate for peak demand.
For example, if you use a shower with a flow rate of 2.2 GPM and a faucet of 1.3 GPM at once, the total flow rate would be 3.5 GPM. Now you can select the electric tankless water heater having flow rates between 3.5-4 GPM for your house.
But if you are using two showers and two faucets, the flow rate (2.2gpm x 2 showers + 1.3gpm x faucets) increases to 7 GPM, now you need to select the unit with a higher flow rate for your home.
With a greater unit, the costs also become high, therefore, it is highly recommended to install low-flow faucets and water-saver showers to reduce the flow rates and thus reduce the size of the water heater.

What should I look for in an electric tankless water heater?

The electric tankless water heaters require an ample amount of energy for operation. You need to ensure that the power system at the installation site supports the power requirements of the electric heater.
Further, for the better ROI consider the unit that is highly energy & cost-efficient, have safety elements installed in it, the flow rate is sufficient for your multiple fixtures at the same time, has a compact design, lower operating and maintenance costs, better warranty for its heating elements and provide the best value for your hard-earned money.

Are electric tankless water heaters worth it?

If we compare the tankless water heater with the storage tank heater and also check the consumer reports and observe comparison chart, tankless heater are the most efficient, requires lower operating costs, maintenance cost is much lower and also they last up to 20 years due to greater useful life as compared to 5-10 years of the low useful life of conventional water heaters.
Electric tankless water heaters are by far the highly efficient units when compared with other tankless water heaters.
Also, they do not require venting and are environment friendly. Plus, as per the study, electric prices will remain stable for a larger period while the prices of gas & propane might get high, therefore consumers prefer electric heaters over other types.
The upfront installation costs seem a bit high but thanks to its advanced cost-saving technologies the amount can be recovered within 1-2 years.

Wrapping Up Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters

As a result of our deep research, we have listed these heaters as the best electric tankless water heaters due to various factors including high standard safety features, greater flow rates, advanced technologies and mechanisms making the units highly power and cost-efficient, and some unique features that vary from one unit to another as per the user demand.

You can compare electric tankless water heaters and select the best one for you. All these products are top-rated electric tankless water heaters.

Having considered the expectations of a user from a powerful water heater, we found Stiebel 36 to be the overall best due to most of the high-end features including the best self-modulation technology and great performance in summer and winter climates.

ECO-36 is our choice due to its best-advanced flow control technology along with its other prominent features. Rheem RTEX-13 is of great value due to its price and features giving you leverage to install its multiple units while also the other units due to their unique selling points.

The electric tankless water heater does have a high upfront installation cost but due to their high power/cost-efficiency, lower maintenance and operating costs as compared to gas, great warranty, and longer durability, the initial investment can easily be recovered within 1-2 years as compared to standard water heaters.

Also, you will observe much savings in the water heating costs and your expenses in the longer run.

Here are some articles which you can read for tankless water heater guidance!

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